Walmart, Tesla Decide to Resolve all Issues After Solar Panel Fires Lawsuit

Walmart and Tesla have decided to work together and resolve all related to solar installations at various Walmart stores. Earlier, the popular retailer filed a lawsuit in a bid to end a contract with Tesla after the panels caused fires on the rooftops of several stores in various states from the year 2012 to 2108.

Both the companies also said that they are now planning to re-energize Tesla solar installation at various Walmart stores soon after all the parties are sure that all issues have been addressed.

Things took a negative turn soon after three stores of Walmart caught fire in the year 2018, which forced Tesla to de-energize all the panels installed at the Walmart sites. Now both the parties are keen to resolve all the issues so that the panels can go back online as soon as possible.

Both the companies released a joint statement as well. Walmart and Tesla emphasized on pursuing a mutual goal of a sustainable energy future. Both companies have expressed their desire that each and every system must operate efficiently, safely, and reliably, as per the joint statement.

Earlier, the lawsuit filed by Walmart claimed that there have been some systematic concerns with installation and inspection of the panels by the electric carmaker. And, if the panels were put back online, they had the potential to jeopardize Walmart, its employees, and its property.

As per the lawsuit, Walmart had accused Tesla of recruiting untrained workers who put up substandard installations and displayed extreme incompetence or callousness or both. This prompted Walmart to ask Tesla for immediate removal of solar panels from more than 240 Walmart stores all across the States. The lawsuit further claimed that seven fires on Walmart’s rooftops were caused by Tesla’s solar panel systems. After ordering removal of solar panels from 240 stores, Walmart also sought damages caused by the fires stemmed from the panels.

However, things are better now between the two companies, and according to the retailer’s spokesperson, both the companies are actively trying to address all the issues to arrive at a resolution acceptable for both parties.

As of now, neither Walmart nor Tesla are keen to divulge the details of the negotiations. Earlier, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced a fresh rental offering for solar power in his efforts to reboot the deteriorating renewable energy business.


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