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TRON (TRX) Consolidates Around $0.11 Despite the Bearish Hold

TRON price is still vying to maintain a stable upward momentum in the ongoing bearish volatility in the crypto market. From Mid-February, TRX coin was trading under bearish pressure. Yesterday. However, this did not deter the price from shooting in the upward range at regular intervals, even rallying to a high of $0.0117 around 8:30 UTC.

TRON Price Analysis

Tron (TRX) Price News

TRX coin was relentlessly pushed by the bearish pressure yesterday below the baseline, but still, it managed to fight back at regular intervals to gain upper price traction. At 3:14 UTC, the TRON price was trading at $0.01157. Due to continual bear pressure at 7:34 UTC, the coin traded down to $0.0113 by 2.23%. At 8:29 UTC, the TRX coin faced a steep hike and reached $0.01174 showing an upward momentum of 3.81%.

Further, the currency started downside trading and fell to $0.0111, showing a fall of 4.69%. At 23:24 UTC, with TRX price continuing to beat the pressure and the price again took an upward rally to 4.06% to breach $0.0116. The mounting bear pressure has taken a toll on the price of TRON coin today as it fell to $0.0113. TRX coin has been hit by the bear pressure at regular intervals. Still, it has managed to beat the bears with great gusto.


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