Otonomo To Collaboration With Microsoft To Boost Up The Driving Experience

Otonomo, the leading automotive data service provider is going for a collaboration with the software giant Microsoft. This collaboration is focused on giving a boost to the driving experiences of future generations. More precisely, this collaboration will lead to building services beyond Microsoft Azure and MS connected vehicle platform.

Otonomo before signing the official collaboration deal with Microsoft has been unofficially exchanging ideas and visions with Microsoft. This is a much-needed collaboration to widen the horizon of automotive OEMs. It is expected to give a kick start to the adoption and optimization of such services that are based on automotive data.

Asaf Weisbrot, the Chief Commercial Officer at Otonomo, said that the global automakers are looking for more practical and scalable ways to innovate in the car. This collaboration with Microsoft will deliver that high demand service along with inbuilt data privacy protection to the automakers. He also added that through this collaboration, the connected car data could be easily plugged within Otonomo’s ecosystems. Here, the OEMs adoption of the connected vehicle platform of Microsoft plays a pivotal role in quickly rolling out connected car services. This collaboration is expected to provide new value and data privacy to the OEMs and the drivers and also to the other service providers.

As per the general manager of Azure, Tara Prakriya, “Car makers will benefit from Otonomo’s integration to Microsoft connected vehicle platform on Azure to enable easier data sharing and value creation options.”

Otonomo takes the data privacy and driver protection to the next level and this collaboration has helped Otonomo to leap further towards its accomplishments. With two of its capabilities, namely the Consent management Hub and the Dynamic Anonymization engine, Otonomo is all set to integrate with the Microsoft connected vehicle platform. The first one is a simple and straightforward process to grant/revoke permission to drivers for those services that make use of the personal automotive data. The second one applies to a set of more sophisticated anonymization technique to aggregate more applications without privacy-compromising.


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