Tron’s Disastrous November Ends with a Positive Note

  • Tron loses 21.42% over the last 30 days and got placed at $0.0157
  • It may witness a marginal betterment in December as far as the price trend is concerned

Tron (TRX) has shown a massive decline over the last month in the price against USD. The value is currently trading around 0.0157 USD, much below the starting point at 0.02005 USD. The TRX price trend has been through three major price swings in this period.

Tron Price Prediction:

TRX coin was being traded at 0.02005 USD on November 03, and over the next eight days, it lost 7.58% to touch 0.0185 USD. The next variation happened between November 14 & 25, and in these 11 days, Tron lost 35.69% and confined its price to 0.0129 USD. On November 25, TRX coin started showing signs of strength, and it managed to get a hike of 24.17% by December 01 and reached 0.0161 USD.

Tron (TRX) Price Chart

Tron’s 200 days MA stands at 0.015858 USD, and it’s 50 days MA is now at 0.015616 USD. Currently, Tron price stands at 0.01575678 USD which is 0.89% more and 0.64% less than the 50 days and 20 days moving averages, respectively.


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